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Our Vision

Degree in computer science the owner Treza, experienced programmer and knowledge of online marketing. Our ethic and Background makes us strong and gives us the power to help small business with our vision. I have witnessed how hard small business been trying to get on the net.  Thats where I come in, I like to make things possible to make this transition simple for the small business to get on the net and connect with the world wide web.


Our Story

Degree in computer science and many years of online marketing ables Treza to manage her online success business to support and build a beautiful environment for her family and loved ones.

                                                                     Meet The Team

Treza Yadegar

Owner,  and a mother of a 17 year old young man. Manages the firm, with experienced and knowledge of programming, many years of experience in marketing and online. Enables her to run a successful business and provide a warm and friendly environment for her family and loved ones.

Ilmar Yadegar

Genius in all the games and planning the teamworks in army and war federations. Streaming live, Youtube videos and bloggings. In charge of marketing. Always 3 grades in readings ahead of himself as tested proven in Reed elementary school.

Next Steps...

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